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Continual improvement is embedded into the DNA of nuclear industry. Visible signs are development of safety culture and requirements management. So there is always room for experience and know-how. We welcome you to take a look on our offering.

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Know-how & Services

Nuclear fuel

We offer expertise of handling of nuclear fuel, eg. storage planning, use of handling tools and practices.

Project Management

Our project managers are familiar with nuclear facility practices.


Delivering the solution as a turn-key delivery, which includes project management, supply chain management, assembly, testing and verification.

Nuclear Safeguards

We support implementation of safeguards and export control, eg. requirements, implementation in the field, reviews and Authority interaction.


Solutions including process engineering, mechanical engineering, automation engineering, Finite element analysis, strength calculation and documentation according to EN standards taking to account the nuclear specific requirements.


Jukka Sorjonen

M.Sc. - Energy technology, Nuclear energy

Over 20 years of experince from nuclear industry on supplier and licence holder organisations. Roles have included project owner, project manager, reactor engineer, responsible for safeguards and nuclear fuel expert.

Teemu Törönen

Bachelor of Engineering – Environmental Technology

Over 15 years of experience from nuclear industry. Experienced project manager specialized in nuclear equipment and system delivery projects, including radwaste management, sampling, decontamination systems.

Tuomas Teräsvuori

Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

Over 10 years of experience from   the industrial engineering industry, including nuclear and space. Experienced Project Manager with strong mechanical design and FEM abilities.

Tero Karttunen

M.Sc. - Mechanical Engineering

Over 20 years of product development, testing and mechanical engineering. Experience on designing mechanical solutions for nuclear field.

Joni Nordström

Bachelor of Engineering
– Building Services
– Mechanical Engineering, specialized to Energy and Environmental Engineering

​ ​ Several years of experience in project management and support services from Nuclear Industry. Roles have included project manager, project engineer and different roles in mechanical maintenance on Safety Classified equipment (SC 2/3/EYT). His specialty are flow process equipment.

Tero Lytsy

Bachelor of Engineering - Environmental Measurements

Tero has experience of more than 20 years in the nuclear sector. He has extensive experience on management of radioactive waste, related requirements as well as documentation.


Plansor Ltd

Plansor has served nuclear industry since year 2016.
At the beginning projects were related mainly to nuclear material safeguards and fesibility studies.
Now, during year 2022, we are upgrading out capabilities with project management and system delivery resources. This allows us to offer project management services and ensure resourcing for equipment delivery projects.