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I had the privilege to share my facility operator experiences to the new comers on the IAEA Interregional Training Course in UAE.

Developing a legislation and requirements for use of nuclear energy is not just a top down exercise. Of course, a lot of the requirements come from international agreements (like INFCIRC/140 Non-proliferation treaty), but a lot resides on the operations conducted with. Each country and operator have an unique set of nuclear energy applications so requirements vary.

However, some universal concepts for managing safety, security and safeguards exist. IAEA has described the Safeguards by Design (SBD) concept in specific guides. This concept includes also the 3 S’s, safety, security and safeguards, meaning a balance between the three aspects.

My experience is that application of these abbreviations is just business as usual, communicating and sharing relevant information between parties sooner than later.

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